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Friday, June 8, 2012

Trying the pyrography...!

A few days before, A bought a soldering iron, which contained some copper attachments that can be used for wood burning. Today, after a long day at University, I decided to take a break by giving pyrography a try! It was more like an experiment, which didn't know if could work! I really had no idea about what to make, just googled pyrography designs and found some in flickr.
Then, I copied the drawings on a piece of plywood using a pencil (didn't use a see through paper)

and by using two attachments, a pointed for the contour and a conical for the fill, started the burning..

 So here's the final picture..
..and a more artistic along with my plants!
A new hobby begins??
Dedicated to A, who has his birthday today!
Always have a great time,


  1. We went through a wood burning faze and had quite a bit of fun. We did best with making signs. For us letters were easier than pictures! It's always fun to try new things. Who know what hidden talent you may discover!

  2. I have vague memories of my brother doing this years ago -- maybe when we were in school. I have one that was done of my great-grandparent's homestead in Mississippi. It hangs in my tv room. I think you've done great for a first try. Have fun! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Wow! Very artistic! All the best with your new hobby! Ning x : )
    And Happy Birthday to A!

  4. ενδιαφέρον!Δεν την είχα υπόψη μου την τεχνική.

  5. i wonder...what next?????every post is a new discovery....try it on leather, you'll love it!!!!

  6. Hey Angeliki, looks like you had lots of fun playing around with the soldering iron. Cute picture, your options are endless, have fun with it .This could be the start of something new and wonderful, who knows!! A nice distraction from your studies......

    Birthday wishes to A.....

    Claire :}

  7. Good job,it's burning wood ..I'll following:))

  8. Hi Angeliki,

    Thanks for stopping by today! Nice to meet you. You certainly have many hobbies, good for you. My daughter is also studying in Athens, at the Kapodistrian University and is graduating this year.

    I'm following you, too.

    Have a great week.


  9. Wow, this is great work, Angeliki! I know how pyrography can be a tough business - but you did it! My favorite is the little hen on the roof! I love a new friend from Greece and I'm your newest follower!

  10. Hi Angeliki,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow! That looks awesome and very tricky. You have a big variety of hobbies, how do you find time for them all?

    Have a lovely week, Casey.


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