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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our first potatoes..!!!!

Hello dear blog-friends! My semester's exams begin next week so I was lost from the blogsphere for a couple of days, to focus and get prepared! But, while I was taking a nap today to get some rest, A woke me up to show me something really extraordinary which had to be posted..
He had only digged the soil a little, and waited for me to also get the joy!
In the end of January, A planted a small piece of potato with its eyes up and now, two cute potatoes seemed to appear! So, without losing more time, started together removing the dead plant and the upper soil until the potatoes were completely revealed!
These kid-potatoes are so cute, aren't they?
That was the best surprise ever! We're planning to plant some more next year!
Hope you're also enjoying your days,


  1. This is brilliant ....I used to love helping my father did up his crop of potatoes and carrots in the back garden of our house when I was a child. It fascinated me! Do wish I could have a littke garden but I'll have to make do with my pots on my balcony.

    Enjoy your home grown potatoes

    Amanda :-)

  2. Ενττυπωσιακό!
    Θα το κάνω και εγώ..

  3. What a happy surprise! Your balcony garden is really coming along well!
    I really like your new blog look. For me the lighter colors really brighten things up and it just feels good. I'm always looking for ways to improve the experience that people have when they visit. It's always a work in progress. Nicely done.

  4. Oh how lovely! My lovely husband dug out our potatoes at the end of summer, and although we had a few more, they were so so small! At least yours are closer to a decent size. I'm sure they will taste great!

  5. What a cool find for your day! :) I think I'm going to try some potatoes in a pot this year. Hope you go really well with exams... I applaud you takling Physics (I did some in Yr.12 - and some of it was really challenging - other parts facinating).

  6. Hey Angeliki, growing your own spuds is fun and digging them up to see how many there are is like digging for buried treasure.

    I'm sure the will be delicious, enjoy them....

    Claire :}

  7. My mom and 7 year old do this every year. Sometimes they only get enough to make one batch of mashed potatoes. Sometimes they get several pounds. It's a lot of fun!

  8. What a lovely surprise! I'm not much of a gardener, but I love the idea of growing my own veggies, so maybe I should give potatoes a try!

  9. Reaping the fruits of your plants is certainly very rewarding! We also planted some late last year and had potatoes for weeks and weeks. Every time I needed potatoes for cooking I just go to the vegie garden and dug what I only needed.

    I'm sure you enjoyed those potatoes. How did you cook them?

    Cheers for more potatoes in the future!

    Ning x : )

    1. Hi Ning! I haven't still cooked those little potatoes! Maybe I'll bake them!!
      Angeliki :-)

  10. dropped by from T's blog. Love your potatoes! I plant little a salad each year but haven't tried potatoes....not those are on my list!

  11. growing your own veggies is the best thing!!!!!!keep up!!!


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