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Vyrona's weather station, Location: Athens, GREECE

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On the left, you can see Lycabbetus hill and in the middle, when the atmosphere is clear, mount Parnitha is visible

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Photographing the moon...

As we went out to balcony and saw today's impressing moon, we immediately set up our telescope and began the observation! Today's moon looks so great because we are approximately 0.9 days far, from  the full moon!!
The following  pictures have been taken through a telescope, using a mobile phone camera. Given that our equipment is not appropriate for both observation and photographs , what we captured is just amazing! The first two photos, have been taken under a 75x magnification and the last one, under a 15x. As you can see, there's some blurring in the first photos, because of  a small amount of clouds hapened to be in front of the moon, at the moment of capture.
I hope you'll enjoy them!

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