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On the left, you can see Lycabbetus hill and in the middle, when the atmosphere is clear, mount Parnitha is visible

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st!!

Today we had a  barbecue on our terrace! We grilled souvlakia (small pieces of pork meat placed on a skewer), loukaniko (pork sausage), beef burgers and feta! All of them were sooo tasty!
The only bad thing happened, was my sunburn!

After we had eaten all these goodies, we went for a walk in "Skopeftirio of  Kaisariani", a park few minutes from my house

"Skopeftirio" has a great history. There, in May 1, 1944, 200 communists  were massively  executed from the Germans. To honour all these patriots who died  heroically, a monument  was built next to the place of  their execution.

Such a full day!


  1. perfect!!!!
    an kai gnhsia ampelokhpiwtissa den exw paei pote sto parko kaisarianhs kai eimai toso konta! deixnei teleio!
    kalo mhna eyxomai!!!

    1. na pas sto parko, na to deis kai apo konta poso oraio einai! kalo mhna kai se sena peli mou!


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