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Vyrona's weather station, Location: Athens, GREECE

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On the left, you can see Lycabbetus hill and in the middle, when the atmosphere is clear, mount Parnitha is visible

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Making a flower..

This is my first attempt to crochet something without watching a video tutorial, following written instructions instead! So, firstly, I crocheted the flower and then the petals, according to Lucy's tutorial. Then I used a yarn needle to join the two petals together! As you can see, the flower is not perfect  but I enjoyed the moment  and wanted to share it with you!



  1. twra ti na pw??? de se prolavainw....teleio vghke!

  2. Well done! The colours are really pretty - very springish :)
    I like Lucy's tutorials, they are so clearly written aren't they?

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
      Actually, it was the first time I read one of Lucy's tutorials and really worth it!

  3. ax ti omorfo louloudaki.mpravo sou!!!


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