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Vyrona's weather station, Location: Athens, GREECE

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On the left, you can see Lycabbetus hill and in the middle, when the atmosphere is clear, mount Parnitha is visible

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Learning html..

A very interesting day! As I was trying to link an image to my father's weather station page, I ended up learning some elements of the html and CSS language! So exciting to introduce some new code and make the blog more personal! Unfortunately, the camera is out of function for now, but the problem will be fixed until tomorrrow. Can't wait to see the image change as the day moves on! Will be fascinating! But that's not all. I  have a laboratory homework to complete, about the dosimetry of gamma-radiation  and rules of protection!
Still don't know when I go to bed...


  1. η κολλητη μου εχει τελειωσει το φυσικο και ξερω ποσο δυσκολη σχολη ειναι. τα συγχαρητηρια μου και ευχομαι τα καλυτερα!!!!

  2. αααχ Peli μου! Είσαι από τους πολύ λίγους ανθρώπους που, λόγω της εμπειρίας σου με τη φίλη σου, μπορούν να καταλάβουν τί σημαίνει φυσικό! Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για την υποστήριξη!:-)


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